Why Hire A Family Law Lawyer For A Family Law Coaching Session?

Angela Princewill

February 22, 2020
family law coaching pickering

Sometimes family law matters do not require retaining the services of a family law lawyer in the GTA. One such time is when you are confident about representing yourself in Court but want to make sure that you have the legal knowledge so as not to jeopardize your chances of success.


What is family law coaching?

A family law coaching session is different from an initial consultation.

An initial consultation is an appointment where we get to learn about you to fully understand your legal issues. We then advice on you on the best solution and provide you an action plan. An initial consultation is designed to be a one-time event, where family law coaching can either be a one-time event, or an ongoing process. You choose.

Family law coaching is different from full legal representation from our law firm because YOU run the show. You have full control of your family law matter and you use our services when and where you need us.

AP Lawyers has several family law coaching/unbundled legal services that allow you to represent yourself in your family law matter, but still have the full benefit of independent legal advice. For example, our AP Silver Coaching Package allows you to prepay for 10 Telephone Calls and/or Emails with an experienced family law lawyer. You get to choose when to call or email us and about what issues.

Are you in court negotiating a settlement and want to make sure the deal is fair? Give us a call then. Do you have a question regarding a letter you received from the opposing lawyer? Send us an email then. Are you unsure about the next step in the process? A quick call can set you in the right direction.

Another type of family law coaching available is a Quick Question and Advice Coaching Session. This type of coaching session is a short 20-minute meeting that is conducted via phone, Skype or Zoom. These sessions can be purchased in blocks of 20-minute increments.

Our family law coaching services can also be used to prepare yourself for your Family Law Trial or simply assist you with drafting court documents.

We can review your matter in detail and

  • Discuss potential outcomes based on the information you provide.
  • Inform you of your rights and legal obligations.
  • Inform you of how the law would apply to your specific situation and how it could impact you based on various scenarios.
  • Prepare you for your upcoming negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or Court appearance on your own to resolve the family law matter.
  • Your family law lawyer will give you solid legal advice on how to strengthen your case and your position.
  • Your family law lawyer can help craft the groundwork to create an offer to reach a settlement with the other party.
  • Your lawyer will coach you so that you are better equipped to calmly and factually present information to the mediator, arbitrator, or Judge.


With Family Law Coaching, you get legal advice, custom tailored to your needs.

A family law coaching session can be as little as 20 minutes or as long as a whole day, depending on your needs. Remember, you are always in control and we have created various options to meet the varying needs our clients.


What Are the Benefits of Family Law Coaching Sessions?

The primary benefit is family law coaching sessions cost less than retaining a family law lawyer full time to represent your interests. If you are on a tight budget or have a situation where you are fully capable of resolving the matter on your own, then a family law coaching session could be the right choice. However, this option is not ideal for complex family law matters.

To schedule your family law coaching session or to discuss which option works best for you, please feel free to contact AP Lawyers at 905-492-7662 today!