Online Mediation

A Great alternative to resolve your
family law disputes amicably

Benefits Of Online Mediation

You already understand the benefits of mediation as and at a lower cost but as a reminder, these are some of the benefits of meditation to you:

  • Confidential
  • Less expensive
  • Voluntary
  • Parties feel more supported and understood
  • Preserves goodwill
  • Fast
  • Greater control of the outcome for the parties
  • Less expensive

Online Mediation

With online mediation, you get all the benefits of conventional in-person mediation and much more.

  • Informal & comfortable – can be done from the comfort of your home/personal space
  • Convenient – it eliminates travel time for all parties
  • Risk-free – as it eliminates the need for you to be in the same vicinity as the other party
  • Psychologically safer and emotionally comforting
  • More Cost-effective
  • Faster
  • More focused
  • Distance and location do not matter. You can even be outside of Canada while attending your online mediation session
  • Technology allows us to emulate in-person sessions

Online or offline, your mediator’s role remains the same. We take a neutral role in facilitating a mutually acceptable solution to your disputes so you can avoid court proceedings.

Why Choose Us?

Angela Princewill is an experienced family law litigator who has helped hundred of people negotiate settlements to their family law matters. By working with an experienced Family Law Lawyer, you get the benefit of her insight into the potential outcome, if you do not reach a settlement and have to take a matter to court. If there are legal questions, shecan provide perspective, subject to each party obtaining their own independent legal advice.

Angela Princewill also understands that there are factors that influence a settlement beyond what is obtainable under the law and sheassists the parties in crafting creativesettlementsthat serve their particular needs without restricting them to the letter of the law.

Angela Princewill is a trained mediator and is experienced in working with clients online. She can make the online mediation process as seamless and effective as possible.

How It Works

The sessions are typically 4 hrs but can be broken down into two 2-hour sessions per day. We find that 4 hour sessions are effective in ensuring that we can take the time to explore options and come up with solutions. While talk is great, we are all about you getting results and we want each day to be productive.

Your mediation process can settle in one session or it can take as many sessions as you and your partner need, provided you are making progress toward a negotiated settlement.

The mediation process for each case works differently and varies depending on the dynamics of the relationship. Typically, we start out with joint sessions and I meet with each party separately from time to time in separate confidential virtual rooms, if a party requests it, or if it will be a more effective way to move toward the resolution of an issue. These private meetings are called caucusing.

In some cases, the entire mediation would be conducted with the parties in separate confidential virtual rooms and the mediator will shuttle between both rooms, helping to facilitate a settlement. This is usually referred to as shuttle mediation.

The plan and agenda for your mediation will be developed after you and your partner have completed initial intake meetings with the mediator.


  • No you do not. If you can use a smartphone, you can benefit from the online mediation process.

    Yes. We take steps to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of our sessions and your documents.

    Yes, it isand, in some cases, online mediation can be more effective. When external factors such as commuting or having to physically be present in the same location as the other party are eliminated, it’s been shown to reduce stress and increase the willingness of the parties to reach a resolution quickly.

    Video conferencing technology allows us to emulate in-person sessions. We have found that reviewing documents is even more effective during online mediation.


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