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Family Litigation Lawyers Markham

Litigation is one of the later steps used in a divorce proceeding if the divorcing couple cannot reach agreements about the division of property, disposition of the marital home, spousal support, child custody, child access and visitation, and others. At AP Lawyers, we always recommend attempting to negotiate and reach agreements through alternative dispute resolution processes.

If matters can be resolved with mediation or arbitration, it can allow the divorcing couple to make important decisions on their own. If the divorce is not amicable, our litigation lawyer in Markham can handle negotiations with the other person’s divorce lawyer so the divorcing couple does not have to be in the same room with each other.

In the event, the divorcing couple cannot come to an agreement or there are still outstanding issues to be resolved, the next step in the divorce process is litigation in court. Respective parties always have the right to go right to litigation and skip the negotiation processes. Remember, if you do this, then the court will make all decisions, which may not be what you want.

There are several steps in the litigation process which includes:

  • Preparing and ServingPleadings
  • First Appearance
  • Case Conference
  • Settlement Conference
  • Trial Management Conference
  • Trial

Throughout the litigation process, both parties have the right to submit offers to settle and motions to the court.

To learn more about the litigation process in more detail or help with negotiating your divorce settlement, please feel free to contact our litigation lawyer in Markham today!


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