Tips to Reduce your Divorce Costs

Angela Princewill

August 17, 2016

Reduce costs of divorce
Reduce costs of divorce

Divorces can be pretty pricey and most people do not actually know what is involved and how high the costs could end up being. Of course, when people get married, the last thing they are thinking about is ever getting a divorce. However, life happens and sometimes it is better to be prepared than not. The very first thing couples can get that would help with the costs of divorce, is a prenuptial agreement or a cohabitation agreement outlining responsibilities in the event that the relationship takes a wrong turn. Divorces are not as simple as getting a piece of paper. The process of getting the divorce can be long, hard, and definitely costly, especially if the parties are not amicable.

When getting a divorce, you have to think about what the two of you have accumulated over the years and how that is going to be divided. You also have to think about the costs of a divorce including separation agreements, court fees, and legal fees. A lot of people think they know the laws regarding divorce and what they are entitled to, when in reality it ends up being quite the opposite. That is why it is so crucial for parties to seek legal advice when getting a divorce or separation. Here are a few steps to help you keep your divorce costs low:

  • Know the laws – First, get yourself familiar with the laws. Understand the process of separation and divorce and what it is you want out of it. Try to understand what you are entitled to i.e. spousal support, child support, etc., and seek legal advice to help you understand your rights. There are several Family Law Information Centres across Ontario that provide a lot of information on separation, divorce, and other family law matters and the best news is that it is FREE!
  • Be organized – Once the separation or divorce process starts, there are going to be quite a few documents requested by your lawyer to determine what you are entitled to and to prove that as well. Have them organized and ready for your lawyer to review. Be a step ahead of the game and start preparing a Financial Statement with the applicable documents.
  • Other alternatives – Know that there are other ways to resolve a separation or divorce that does not require a feud in court. Mediation or Arbitration are options. Try being amicable with your partner, instead of having the lawyers battle back and forth. It only costs you more money each time a phone call is made or a letter is sent.
  • Division of property – One thing I cannot stress enough is really pick and choose what matters the most to you. If you are fighting over a few simple household items, is that really saving you money? The cost for the back and forth between lawyers is most likely going to exceed the cost of the items you are fighting for.
  • Other resources – Most law offices have legal assistants that are trained and able to do some of the work. Ask your lawyer if there is an assistant or clerk that can help on your file to help reduce the costs.

Overall, we know the cost of the initial marriage was already expensive enough, we do not want the divorce to be just as costly. Let us help you keep your separation and divorce costs low. Here at A. Princewill Law Firm, we do our best to get our clients exactly what they deserve. We know the process is hard emotionally and the last thing we want to add to our clients is financial stress. To help alleviate that, we evaluate your situation and offer either a flat fee cost or an hourly rate to help keep the costs as low as possible depending on your situation. We are here for our clients every step of the way. If you need legal advice regarding a divorce or any family matter, please contact our office.

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