The Story of Greg

Angela Princewill

March 1, 2023

This is a story about…. let’s call him Greg. Greg had been married for 10 years, and he thought it was going to be a happy marriage. He would often come home from work to find his wife cooking dinner for the family or helping the kids with their homework. But little did Greg know that all of this was a facade, behind which lurked an unfaithful partner.

One day, Greg came home from work to find his wife gone, along with her things and half of the money in the bank account. She had left him for another man, who she had been seeing for months behind Greg’s back. The shock of betrayal ran deep; he felt as if everything he knew had been taken away from him in an instant. As much as he wanted to move on with his life and pick up the pieces, there were still financial implications that needed to be dealt with.

As part of their divorce settlement, Greg was ordered to pay spousal support until his ex-wife found a job. This meant that every month a significant amount of money was being taken out of his paycheque and given directly to his former partner – the same one who cheated on him and left him.

The financial burden weighed heavily on Greg’s shoulders while he continued raising his three children alone and trying to make ends meet each month.
His kids were left confused, angry, and hurt by their mother’s betrayal. They tried to understand why she would do something so hurtful and Greg didn’t have an answer for them. His work suffered too as he struggled to concentrate on anything other than his broken marriage. Given his ex-wife was unemployed, she could not even pay him child support.

Greg wondered why he had to pay support to a cheating spouse. How she was able to get away with leaving with half the money? He did not understand how a mother could be so callous and how the legal system could reward her for it. The support laws seemed so unfair. Did no one understand that he had to provide solely for these children?

His lawyers provided answers, but Greg did not feel any better. He still does not believe the laws make any sense…

Although it was difficult at first, eventually things began looking up again; he found himself laughing at jokes more often and spending quality time with old friends. He also started investing in online business opportunities which enabled him to regain some financial security over time.

The problem though, was with more money came a motion from his ex-wife to increase spousal support. With good legal representation, that claim was unsuccessful.

Overall, although life took an unexpected turn for Greg after the divorce, he managed to get through it with strength and resilience – proving that even if change comes unexpectedly into our lives, we can handle it better than we think if we remain positive and focused on our goals.