Surviving the first day of school – Best interest of the child

Angela Princewill

September 6, 2018

Back to school for children means a new adjustment for families.

For children of separated parents, this could become a very stressful time.

Pickups, drop-offs and who can attend school events can become contentious issues. Even where the children would attend school can become an issue.

Here are our top 3 tips to survive these first days of school.

1)      Parents need to remember that the most important factor in any decision regarding children is what works best for the children, not necessarily what is most convenient for the parents, but what works for the child.

The convenience of the parents would play a role, no doubt. Happy parent = happy child but every decision must be viewed through the lens of what is in the best interest of the child.

2)      Parents should maintain a flexible position regarding custody and access.

A few minutes late for pickup here, a little early for drop-offs there may be annoying but think about it. In the grand scheme of a cooperative parenting regime, is it worth creating a huge conflict?

Longer delays are a different issue of course. Even switching access days to accommodate the other parent seeing the children to ask about the first day of school if possible could be fantastic for the kids.

3)      Take a deep breath. Scheduling may not be perfect right now but with time, a lot of the glitches would smooth out.

Negotiation, mediation, and litigation remain available tools to resolve any lingering conflicts.

So, go out, enjoy these last few days of summer, and help the kids settle into the new school year. We wish you the best!

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