Summertime Fun in Toronto

Angela Princewill

August 29, 2016

Looking for a travel destination for the summer? One travel hot spot that offers the most potential for fun and relaxation is the city of Toronto. Toronto has become a progressive city in its ability to offer its people a multitude of memorable experiences. Here are the top 10 reasons why Toronto should be your travel destination for the summer.

  1. Toronto’s temperature during the summer remains steadily warm/hot throughout the months of March to late August. Such great weather compliments the city as it allows for individuals to go out and experience all the great things that Toronto has to offer. With constant and accurate weather readings by Toronto news forecasters, it is easy to remain prepared for what the weather will be like on a day to day basis.
  2. Toronto is very well known for its food culture and the moderation of food choices that it provides. Spots like La Cabana, Mother India, Rasta Pasta, and Grand electric are all examples of the many different kinds of food choices offered in Toronto.
  3. Toronto is known for being a melting pot as the city is very inclusive in nature. People from all over the world can find a sense of comfort in the city as the promotion of peace, love, and unity is encouraged on all fronts.
  4. Summertime in Toronto offers plenty of different festivals catered to the many sub cultures existing within the city. Festivals like UNITY, Caribana, Pride, taste of Danforth, and PANAMANIA give opportunity for people to express themselves freely in their respective interest.
  5. Feel like spending a little on yourself? Well with outlet malls like Fairview, Yorkdale, Scarborough Town Center, and the Eaton Center located all through the city, everyone has the ability to purchase the latest brand products transcended within today’s popular culture.
  6. Looking to have a good time without spending much money? Toronto can also accommodate for this as there are many opportunities to go out and enjoy the city at little to no cost. Such things like maze running, art expos, live music, and outdoor flicks, allow for people to enjoy the city without having to constantly take out their wallets.
  7. Whether looking to spend a couple days or a couple months, Toronto provides some of the best hotel accommodations at reasonable prices. From the four seasons to the Soho Metropolitan, Toronto ensure that each night in a hotel is of a high quality and memorable one.
  8. Toronto is known for being one of the best tourist attractions in the world as the city has many different landmarks like the CN tower, Toronto waterfront, Nathan Phillips Square, and the onshore beaches, people will always have places to create memories to take back with them and keep forever.
  9. Traveling as a family? Toronto provides many outlets for the whole family to enjoy. With amusement venues like Canada’s wonderland, Toronto Zoo, and Ripley’s Aquarium, families can get together and enjoy each others company while engaging in fun and exciting activities throughout the city.
  10. Toronto helps make getting to each part of the city easier as their transportation systems are one of the most efficient ways of getting around from one place to the next. From the train and city buses, street cars/bikes, to the new Uber system, getting around Toronto has never been easier.

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Written by: Kevin Iyamu