What are the benefits of using the AP Separation Agreement Kit?

  • It was designed with our experience:
    Our separation agreement kit was created by lawyers with extensive experience in all the elements of a legally valid separation agreement in Ontario.
  • One spouse gets Independent Legal Advice included in the cost:
    We are the only online separation agreement kit that includes independent legal from an experienced Ontario Family Law Lawyer. There are free versions out there but, typically they miss a lot of important things that should be outlined.
  • It is cost effective:
    Some lawyers charge as much as $5,000 to draft a simple separation agreement. With our separation agreement kit, you have a comprehensive, legally binding separation agreement without all the frills. And, a lawyer reviews it for you to make sure you did not miss anything.
  • It is really easy to use:
    Completing the template is as simple as filling in the blanks and deleting paragraphs that do not apply.
  • We include a how to guide:
    We have included a guide to help you in completing your separation agreement. This makes the process of drafting your agreement even simpler.
  • It is really comprehensive:
    The template covers pretty much every issue you need to resolve as the result of a breakdown in a relationship.
  • An added bonus:
    We provide you the tools you need to divide your net family property as required under Ontario Family Laws.

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What is the difference in cost between having a lawyer draft your separation agreement vs. using this kit?

One  When you hire a lawyer to draft a comprehensive agreement you can expect to pay approximately $2,300.00. This is typically the best plan of action when you have a complicated case.

Two  Our Separation Agreement Kit costs $699+HST. This is ideal for those seeking a simple solution to creating a proper separation agreement that will hold up in court if you ever need it to. It even includes legal advice for one of the spouses involved however, we can’t represent both you and your spouse so your spouse would have to seek independent legal advice if they want to have it reviewed before it is finalized.

Three  Our DIY Separation Agreement Template costs $399+HST. This is ideal for those seeking a simple solution to creating a proper separation agreement that will hold up in court if you ever need it to. However, this option does not include independent legal advice to have it reviewed before it is finalized.

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How Our Separation Agreement Kit Works

1) You pay for and download your separation agreement package.
2) You fill in the blanks on the template.
This customizes your separation agreement to you specifically.
3) You call us to book your independent legal advice session.
This step you would take after you have finished filling out the template.

And, if you get stuck along the way you can call and request a Q&A session so you get the help you need to fill it out properly. There is a small fee for your Q&A session but it’s well worth the cost if you do have questions so you keep your Independent Legal Advice session to get advice on how to handle the more difficult things within your agreement or to discuss things that you and your spouse might be having a hard time deciding upon.

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AP Lawyers assumes no responsibility for the drafting of your Agreement. YOU assume full responsibility for the drafting of your agreement. You are expected to customize the agreement to suit your particular circumstances. AP Lawyers shall provide you with a certificate of independent legal advice. You are solely responsible for implementing their advice. AP Lawyers will not confirm whether or not any proposed changes have been made. We will not witness the signing of your Agreement.


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    • Explore options
    • Generate a strategy that would help you accomplish the results you want.
    • Retaining us as your lawyer is purely optional. It is not the goal of our meeting.


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