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November 2019 Trial Sittings

Angela Princewill

November 7, 2019

If you have a Family Court Trial scheduled for the November 2019 sittings, the start date is fast approaching. You know your case and you’re firm in your position and what remains is to present it to the court and get a favorable decision, right? Well……… almost. In this post, I’ll like to run through some last-minute reminders. It reminds me of the expression, make a list and check it twice.

In this context, I am thinking of your Trial Scheduling Endorsement. That is your list. Check it twice to make sure you are within the timelines in the Trial Scheduling Endorsement itself. At this point, I expect you’ve done that already, but re-check. You will be surprised how much gets missed.

Here are a few things to look out for at this last minute:

  1. Have you reminded your witnesses of your upcoming trial and secured their confirmation that they will be attending? (I expect that summons to witness have been sent out earlier)
  2. Do you need to update your financial statements? According to the Family Law Rules, the Applicant needs to update this at least 7 days before Trial, while the Respondent gets 4 days.
  3. Have you served all the exhibits you will be relying on at Trial? Do you need to add more exhibits?
  4. Have you reviewed your opening Trial Statement? Do you need to update it? Have some issues since the time it was drafted? Even if you are giving an oral statement, having a draft to use as a guide at the start of Trial, will help keep you focused and your thoughts will flow more cogently.
  5. Have you communicated with the Trial Coordinator’s office to confirm availability of any special equipment you may need like audio visual aids for example.
  6. Have you collated the cases you will be relying on? Did you provide copies to the other side?

There is a lot involved in the preparation for a Trial and I have limited my post to last minute reminders.

For more comprehensive information regarding the Trial process, Click here.

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