Angela Princewill

June 28, 2023

Redactions and omissions

Requirement to redact, omit

1.2 (1) After serving but before filing a document under these rules, including a financial statement (Form 13 or 13.1) or net family property statement (Form 13B or 13C), the party filing the document shall redact or omit from it and from any documents attached to it all identifying financial account numbers and personal identification numbers. O. Reg. 373/20, s. 1.


(2) Examples of information required to be redacted and omitted under subrule (1) include,

(a) social insurance numbers;

(b) bank or investment account numbers;

(c) credit card account numbers; and

(d) account numbers for mortgages, lines of credit or other loans. O. Reg. 373/20, s. 1.

Duty re unredacted documents

(3) A party who files a document in which information is redacted or omitted before filing shall,

(a) retain the complete, unredacted document;

(b) ensure that the complete, unredacted document is accessible in every hearing and conference in the case following the filing of the document; and

(c) if requested to do so by a judge at a hearing or conference, provide the complete, unredacted document to the judge. O. Reg. 373/20, s. 1.