Could Eid Be Considered A Holiday In Your Parenting Schedule?

Angela Princewill

May 18, 2020

When it comes to sharing parenting time of your children, the regular parenting schedule is overridden by the holiday schedule. Most parents make specific provisions for Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving and Easter. Did you know that Victoria Day, Labour Day and even March Break could be considered holidays to include in your holiday schedule? Those are just a few but there are more holidays that parents do not even consider that could form part of the holiday schedule. But what about specific religious holidays like Eid?

With the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims all around the world are getting ready to finish their month of fasting and religious observance. They end with a festive holiday known as Eid-ul-Fitr. It is common for Muslims to take a day off from school, work and their day-to-day affairs. For Muslim parents who are separated, it is tough deciding which parent the children spend with. It is a day full of family affairs for many people and each parent would want the children with them. So, how can we make this work?

It is not common to see Eid as a holiday on a holiday schedule in Court Orders or Parenting Agreements. But if it matters to you and if it is a holiday to you, then you can expressly state that! Why not include it in your parenting agreement, separation agreement or court order.

This way, there is no confusion about which parent the children will spend this holiday with. If you already have an agreement in place or a court order and you are finding that your religious holidays are not included, talk to one of our experienced family law lawyers today to see what option is best for you to change that.

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