Choose YOU! Separation and Divorce Simplified 

Angela Princewill

February 14, 2022

At AP Lawyers, our mission is to help make peoples’ family lives better! It really is that simple.

We keep our goal/mission simple so that we do not lose focus on what really matters – YOU! 

As I sat enjoying my morning cup of java and mindlessly reading articles on the internet, I stumbled upon an interesting article titled Kim Kardashian Declares the Cause of Her Divorce, In New Interview. The article was written by Sakayna Hunter. Excited to read some juicy gossip but even more determined not to be the only person on planet earth who did not know why the KimYe marriage fell apart, I opened and started to read. So, what was Kim’s shocking revelation? Was it drugs or addiction issues? Perhaps infidelity? It had to be infidelity. No, it wasn’t. Hmmm, maybe it could be financial troubles. I mean, even the rich and famous cannot be above that. Right? Wrong. I get it. Enough already. Here’s what Kim Kardashian said. She said, and I quote, “I’ve chosen myself. I think it’s okay to choose you”. It was that simple, and I thought to myself, how insightful!

She chooses herself. She wanted to be true to herself. Of course, there must be a million flaws Kanye West has, I bet you could even name a few, but she focused on herself. 

This took me straight to our mission statement and our central focus at AP Lawyers, which is to make your life better – specifically, to make your family’s life better. Given that a large part of the work we do at AP Lawyers relates to separating couples, whenever I share our mission statement, people wonder how that is even possible. There’s always the undertone, if not the direct accusation of – how can your work make family lives better? 

Kim K. summed it up in a much better way than I have ever been able to when she said she chose herself. When you’re going through a separation, you have made a decision to choose yourself! If the other person initiates the separation, you need to choose yourself. The reasons why you chose you do not matter. It doesn’t matter that they are gamblers, abusive, narcissistic adulterers. You have chosen YOU. As the article explained, Kim K. intimated that staying in the marriage would have constituted a sacrifice of herself and her own well-being. 

For those who aren’t there yet, you need to make a conscious effort to choose YOU in all your awesomeness. The other party has already decided, for good or bad reasons, to choose themselves, and that’s ok. They have decided that not being in the relationship is better for them than being in the relationship. Could they be wrong? Of course, but that’s beside the point.

YOU matter, and yes, it is ok to choose you; of course, we are here to hold your hands and guide you through the legal consequences of that decision. 

We do our job firm in the belief that we are making individuals and families live better. And while the positives may not be obvious today, if we can help you through the legal aspect of things, we are confident that you are one step closer to the best you there ever have been. 

I think it’s fitting to end with these wise words by Zig Ziglar – “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. The best is yet to come.”

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