Child Support Arrears – Lawyer ordered 75 days jail time

Angela Princewill

April 21, 2016

What happens when you fail to pay support? Well, you could get thrown in jail that’s what.

In the case of Ontario (Family Responsibility Office) v. Adema, 2016 ONCJ 37, Justice Sherr committed the payor who happened to be a lawyer to jail for 75 days or until he paid $3,500 per case towards arrears (there were two cases where support was owing by the same payor).

He had been given multiple opportunities to deal with the issues but failed to follow through. He did not bring a motion to change and other measures such as suspending his licence and passport did not work. The judge was disappointed that a lawyer acted in such a manner.

Whoever you are, the message is clear. There will be consequences for non-payment of support.

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