The Benefits of Obtaining Legal Advice From a Family Law Lawyer

Angela Princewill

January 12, 2020
Legal Advice

If you are facing an emotional or stressful family matter related to family law, it is important to obtain the right information so you can make an informed decision. Listening to what friends and family might say is not actual legal advice. It is merely their opinion or what occurred in their particular situation. Each person’s situation is unique and has its own set of circumstances.

Benefit #1: Knowledge of Family Law

A family law lawyer has knowledge of family law guidelines, procedures, and other such information essential to your situation. Having a better understanding of these, sometimes complex, legal procedures and laws, your obligations, and the obligations of the other party, helps you navigate difficulties of addressing a family law matter.

Benefit #2: Unbiased and Objective

Your family law lawyer remains unbiased and objective in your family law matter. For example, in a divorce proceeding, it is easy for you to be subjective due the high stress of getting divorced. Your lawyer remains calm, collected, and maintains neutrality to help calm you. Additionally, their impartiality can benefit your case by uncovering facts, and strengthening your position on various matters.

Benefit #3: Negotiations Expert

Your family law lawyer is an expert when it comes to negotiations required to reach various agreements. From separation agreements and divorce agreements to marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements, there are all sorts of agreements where negotiations and compromises occur.

A family law lawyer can productively manage negotiations, help reduce stress, and help make certain your interests are protected. Even in cases where parties cannot be in the same room with one another, your lawyer can still move negotiations along on your behalf through mediation or arbitration procedures.

Benefit #4: Experience at Modifications

Sometimes, certain agreements may need to be modified. When these arise, your family law lawyer can lend their expertise. They can help provide sound legal advice on how making changes could affect you and what would serve your best interests.

What If We Have Already Reached an Agreement?

It is always better to get your own independent legal advice even when you have already reached an agreement. This applies whether you are getting ready to sign a marriage contract, cohabitation agreement, or separation and divorce agreement.

Having a family law lawyer review the agreement before signing off on it, lets you know whether the agreement is fair. Your lawyer will also inform you of your legal rights and obligations. Once armed with this information, you can then negotiate whatever works best for your situation.

While compromises might need to be made, in the long run, everyone is happier. Not to mention, the agreement will stand the test of time, if it has been reviewed by a lawyer to ensure it is legally binding.

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