Anisa Dattu’s Top 5 Tips when Applying for a Post Graduate Work Permit

Angela Princewill

January 24, 2018
  1. Get it in early- Many people believe that their application is due 90 days from the date of their graduation ceremony. However, the application is due within 90 days of receiving written confirmation that you have completed your program (i.e. your transcript, diploma, degree, a letter etc.)
  2. Pay the right fee – When applying for your PGWP, many people forget that there are two different payments to be made, there is a Standard Work Permit fee along with the Open Work Permit Holder Fee.
  3. Include the appropriate documents – For a PGWP you need to include your final transcript, or letter confirming graduation and/or a formal letter from your institution confirming that you completed your program.
  4. Program length – Prior to applying for you PGWP, make sure that your program was full-time and at least eight months long or longer. If it was not, you are not eligible.
  5. Plan accordingly – Do you want to visit home or travel after your studies? No problem! Just make sure that you apply within 90 days either from inside Canada or from abroad, as there are different requirements for either or, so it’s best to plan accordingly.

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